By using our services, you are utilizing years of experience, cultivated over our tenure. With the best hands at work, your vehicle will be in safe keeping.


Our skilled team at Henley’s Truck Accessory Store is able to correctly wire your truck to properly tow a trailer behind it. We have the supplies on site, or a quick phone call away, to get the job done in a timely manner for you to safely travel down the road. Whether it is lighting or break control, we will have the proper fixtures needed for you to take a trailer for family vacation, yard work, or business purposes.

While trailers might be one of the main duties at Henley’s, we also offer wiring for the proper lighting needed on your truck cap or lid in order to see the bed of your truck at whatever time of day. This way, you are able to quickly grab the correct tools without fumbling with a flashlight or phone trying to retrieve something from your bed.

Henley’s is the right place for wiring needed for your vehicle, albeit trailers or truck caps. With the friendly service and quick scheduling, we are able to get the job done in time for the season. Call in for your appointment today!


Henley’s prides itself on around 50 years of experience with installations for our clients. We install a variety of products, which range from truck caps to running boards. Henley’s is able to provide you with the products to fit the needs of you and your vehicle.

We have harnessed the market on hitches and hitch installations within our region. Our team is able to find the correct hitch for your vehicle with the proper limits for whatever you are towing. With the perfect hitch from Henley’s, you are able to assure your passengers are safe as well as others on the road.

With our tenure in the market, we make sure that you are leaving safely and without worry. The skilled team checks on the project before, during, and after installation to assure that quality is at the forefront. We pride ourselves in efficiency and the quality of our work everyday. Protect, outfit, and maintain your vehicle with Henley’s today!


Understanding that damage is evident with normal wear and tear on the road, we want to make sure that our clients and others are traveling safely. Our team at Henley’s is able to provide repairs on products from light utility trailers to truck caps.

Products that are under warranty with a third-party company may be repaired at Henley’s. We will handle the contacts with the company to assure that your warranty still stands following the repairs. We do all repairs onsite and if we cannot do it ourselves, we will surely recommend someone to do the job.

We stand behind our repairs and the work of our team members. We want to continually assure that our clients are satisfied with our work and our products. Our work on light utility trailers and cap repairs is researched and prepared for the best quality of work.


Henley’s Truck Accessory Store assures the warranties of our manufacturers, according to their requirements. Installation and repairs are on an independent basis, whereas we vie for satisfaction while also balancing the inner-workings of the company as a whole.